4 Tips For Landscape Lighting To Enhance The Curb Appeal At Night

Lighting up your garden is all about installing the perfect outdoor illumination. As such, the outdoor accent lighting options also place a role in your landscaping design; hence, the term landscape lighting. Installing the lights can be for the beauty, security, and safe accessibility of the outdoor space during the night. Ideally, electricity is the standard source of power for landscape lighting. And the growing demand for efficient lighting has led to the increased availability of sustainable lights and lighting systems that meet the global eco-friendly requirements. Moreover, the need for safety, security, and added aesthetics is also a concern that homeowners have when installing lights in your gardens or yards. Low voltage fixtures, LEDs, and solar powered lighting options are also other issues of concern for energy efficiency that homeowners have when deciding on the outdoor illumination designs and methods to use.   If you are thinking of upgrading your landscape by investing in some outdoor lighting, then below are some things worth considering that will help you make the best choices.  
  1. Highlight Landscape Details
  With outdoor lights in place and your home is up for sale, it is possible for them to help you land a sale in the evening hours. Selling your property may prove to be hard work since you have to make your home beautiful and welcoming. It is possible to do this by planting some gorgeous blooms, a few trees, and shrubs. However, most people then to overlook the impact that outdoor lights can have. A warmly lit patio or a soft glow of light along the driveway or walkway can make your home stand out by adding some beautify that adds to the curb appeal.   To get it right when illuminating your landscape, you should consider using lights and lighting fixtures that create accent illumination. Such installations will highlight key features of your landscape design. For instance, you can install a large spotlight that will illumination your large trees or an architectural element in your home. In-ground bulbs can help to enhance your short trees and shrubs. The use of colored lights can create different effects on what you want to display. Furthermore, you need to take into account the safety and security role that the landscape lighting will have besides that of adding curb appeal to your property.  
  1. Illuminate The Stairs & Walkways
  If you have a spacious outdoor area and it is where you mostly entertain your family and guests, you should ensure it is safe for all. You can do this by installing lights that will be for decorative and safety purposes. Lighting up the garden in the evening makes people want to spend more time in the outdoors at night. If you have pathways, they should have enough lights that help show the way. Moreover, you also should consider lights that fit your home’s architectural style. For instance, string lights can be an excellent choice if you have an arbor. In-ground spotlights can be fixed to illuminate the flowers and foliage along the walkway and in front of the house.   Spacing is an essential element to consider when installing the lights, and it will depend on what you want to illuminate. Sometimes, you may have to place the bulbs, or lighting fixtures close together, and in other cases, you may need them a bit apart so that you create the perfect effect. In most cases, the spacing will depend on the brightness of fixtures, keeping in mind that less is more.  
  1. Save Energy With Outdoor Solar Lights
  If you are fortunate enough to have a property that receives enough sun-hours, at least eight hours during the day, you should invest in solar energy. Consider installing a solar powered landscaping lighting system. For instance, solar lights can be installed along the pathways to gently illuminate them during the night. They can be decorative fixtures such as lanterns, string lights, or blown colored glass that provide a warm, tone, ambient glow. You can install them in multiples in areas where you need direct, bright light.  
  1. Hide Lighting Amongst Plants
  When it comes to installing outdoor lights and how to enhance your home’s curb appeal, you can also use key features in your landscaping. For instance, natural stone can be a useful addition to the illumination project. You can have the bulb fixed inside a rock so that it does not stand out as an apparent lighting fixture during the day. Therefore, the installation will blend in seamlessly with the landscaped space. Such an example can be used to light the driveways, flowerbeds, patio, trees, and any other section that needs or can benefit from accent lighting at night.   Ideally, landscape lighting can enhance your home’s outdoor area while also increasing safety and security. You will illuminate the patio, deck, driveway, walkway, porches, and the garden, making them a safe place to be in during the night. Take a smart approach when investing in landscape lighting so that you can keep the costs down and avoid the use of excessive light. For instance, you can install a timer that automatically switches the lights on at dusk and off at dawn. It is wise to consider seeking the expertise of a lighting professional so that you can invest in the right lighting solutions for your home.   Article submitted by Brandon Ragan

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