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43 Tips for Social Media – by Nemanja Zivkovic, General Manager and Dan Zivkovic – at Iuvo Omega Ltd. We’re all using Social Media daily, it’s the current state of Internet, but do you know all the tactics and simple tricks that will help you get noticed? I’ve been asked a lot these days about tactics I’m using for different Social Media, so I decided to write about it. Let’s start with some tips for all platforms.

All platforms:

  • 1. Use Micro content Now, what the hell is Micro content? The answer is actually very simple. It’s about keeping people on the platform. A lot of people, a lot of companies, lots of brands will post links that will take people out of the platform. If you post on Facebook, you’ll add a caption, then a link, Facebook will pull off some content – an image, a thumbnail from that page, website or whatever, but it doesn’t work that well, especially if you are aiming engagement. Give people value right in the feed. It gives you engagement (retweets, shares, comments). People are generally scared of sharing links they can’t see, content they don’t know anything (or they know very little) about. This erases that layer. It means – we are giving you all the content up front, here it is, you can decide right now if you want to share this or not. It builds engagement but doesn’t bring clicks, only reach and followers.
  • 2. Redistribute
  •  3. Make GIFs from your videos
  •  4. Always like replies to comments
  •  5. Watch out for new platforms and try them early


  • 6. Optimize your user name with keywords If you are a brand and you wanna pop up in search, change your username into something meaningful. For example, if your name is Dan, and you want people to find you when they search for marketing experts, advice, whatever, use marketing in your username.
  • 7. Use text above your link to push your offer or call to action If you are going to use offers like 50% off, or free e-book, make sure people know what are you offering, what it is they are clicking on and what are they gonna get.
  • 8. Publish 3 or 4 times a day Now, some of you will say it’s spammy. No, it isn’t. If you post once weekly, or one post per day, you won’t catch everybody. Social Media is real time, not everybody’s gonna consume your content all the time. I mean, that would be awesome, right? But no no. The reality is different than that. With publishing more times, you are giving people more chance to see your content. This gives you more chances to get in touch with them. The more we publish, the more engagement we get. Content creates momentum. Fantastic, isn’t it? Conclusion – post as much as you can as long as it allows you to have good content.
  • 9. Maximize the number of hashtags and put them in the first comment There’s always a discussion about hashtags, Should we use just 3, or should we use more, is using lots of them spammy, does it look like we’re trying to get an extra advantage, blah blah blah.. When you’re using your maximum amount of hashtags (which is 30), and you have good once, not just those with million plus posts (they won’t do the job – find hashtags with mid-range posts, under 500 000, under 20 000..), you can actually reach the right people. If you have fewer followers than someone from the same industry, they will blow you out of the news feed when they post with the same hashtag, so go a bit lower with mid-range hashtags, use long tail hashtags, put them in comments and you’ll get to the right people. Don’t put hashtags in your caption. When you put hashtags in the first comments, that comment won’t be seen when you get more comments and won’t look spammy.
  • 10. Use videos. Use more videos. Even everyone is saying use video, there’s still a lack of videos, especially on Instagram. You have one-minute length, so respect that. Use different forms of videos, like Boomerang, for example. It can make wonders in your news feed – it’s moving and it looks nice.
  • 11. Put text on your videos Your videos should have text. I’d recommend Title and Subtitles. Everybody’s sound if off in today’s world. They can’t hear your cool music. You know that platforms are adding audio automatically, so people shut down the sound. For that reason you should have text in your videos, to catch their attention, to make them understand what are you talking about and what is the value you’re giving to them.
  • 12. Use new multiple image upload feature It’s great, especially for products. Perfect for eCommerce. You can show different products or one product from different sides. Or you can tell a story with showing details. Use new features always! It is also good when you’re talking to your client, like “Hey, we’re here! We’re up to date with changes, using and trying everything so we can come up with the best experience for you, your company and your brand.”


  • 13. Use Instagram Stories – 5-10 times a day In my opinion, Instagram Stories are better than Snapchat. For a brand, I’d recommend using it 5 to 10 times a day. You’re not gonna show up if you post twice a day. You wanna be getting in the feed of what’s new, who just posted, and it requires to post more.
  • 14. Add existing content to Instagram Stories or make content for it outside of Instagram You know you don’t need to be Instagramming yourself in order to make Instagram stories, don’t you? You can take all the content that you’re making, edit it in vertical, and upload it to Instagram Stories. In that way, you can promote content from other Social Media, website, from campaigns, whatever. There are people using only Instagram Stories, so you want them to see your content.
  • 15. Use mention feature in Stories to engage community It can increase engagement. You can add mention Instagrammers, friends, colleagues if you’re working on the same project ect.. Also, you can mention yourself if you want people to go to your profiles and click the link you have in your bio. Or you can just shout out your fans! Say thank you! They will appreciate that big time. It shows that brand gives a shit about you. It can work on a black story with a mention. It’s all about community!
  • 16. Add your own username in your caption People can click on your mention, go to your profile and click a link in your bio or any else you want them to click. Why is this important? Because people don’t see your content on your profile, they see it in your feed. They need to click on your bio to see the link or on your icon at the top. It is also a good way if you are running a promotion. You can’t run a follower campaigns on Instagram, you can just promote it and push them to your website. You can see how many people clicked on your “learn more”.
  • 17. Pay for shout outs Find influential accounts, tell them I’ll give you 10$ and a sandwich. It doesn’t have to be a large amount of money, but you have to measure it. It’s a branding thing, so don’t do it just one time. It won’t get you anything. Pay for a package, let’s say 5 Instagram post in the next month because that will get you value. A one-time deal won’t. Why? It just doesn’t happen that an influencer says oh, I like that bicycle and I’m gonna post about it only today, tell people how it’s amaaaaziiiing. Will somebody buy that bicycle based on that? No. If you like something, you’ll post more about it and let everyone know that you do. When promoting is done that way, which looks like it’s native, it would work.


  • 18. Use images, videos, and GIFs when linking
  • 19. Video reply to people People are rarely doing this, but it;s a good way for fostering community. Also, if you’re a company, you are giving people a chance to be the face of the company. It can be like “Thank you for your retweet. Thank you.”. Ad simple as that.
  • 20. Create a weekly Twitter chat Use the specific hashtag, invite influencer to answer questions and people will see the answers and like identify with them, which will make them retweet, or tweet about it. It is very good for engagement.
  • 21. Pin a relevant and well-performing tweet to your profile If you have a really popular tweet, or a campaign or something that you really want people to see, pin it to your profile. It’s the first thing anybody sees on your profile and it can highlight some content.
  • 22. Create your own branded GIFs and use it everywhere Rarely anyone is doing this. Nike certainly is. Giphy is a search engine for GIFs, brands are recognizing it and creating branded GIFs related to certain keywords. If you’re not, you are missing a chance. It can be sorry, hate, love..
  • 23. Twitter search for people’s pain Example: You are selling phones and somebody tweets: “My phone sucks”. You can search for it, like it, reply to it, say that you’re sorry that his car sucks, engage with him, but not offer like 20% of the phone you’re selling right away. Keep these guys as a customer. And you can search in advance, for only people in certain place, country or county. THIS IS REALLY POWERFUL!
  • 24. Use daily hashtags:#MondayMotivatin#TuesdayMotivation##WednesdayWisdom #ThursdayThoughts #FridayFeeling
  • 25. Use Twitter to promote content on your other platforms Redistribute your content.
  • 26. Post several times a day Twitter is even worst than other platforms You have to be able to post there all times a day. It’s a nonstop platform.
  • 27. Cut your videos to use on Twitter as native
  • 28. If you are sending Auto-DMs – tell people it’s automated You can basically spam people, and they hate it, but be cool, tell them upfront it’s robot, not me, and they will be more acceptable


  • 29. Make longer videos if you’re using Ads Facebook is putting ads in the middle of videos, so make your video content longer (5+ minutes)
  • 30. Groups work well
  • 31. Post daily 3 times a day WLB (Wake, Luch, Bed)
  • 32. Get engagement quickly The Facebook algorithm works like this, it responds to how quickly you get engagement for your posts. What can you do? Quizzes. Questions. Contest. Opinion. HACK THE ALGORITHM! Get friends to comment first, the very second you launched it, and you’ll be able to hack it.
  • 33. When advertising content – don’t go with cheap countries They may have lots of inhabitants there, but Facebook will think that you want your content to be shown there are really get more of your content to the people from those countries, instead of countries you actually want it to be distributed. Try to go for the countries you actually want to advertize in.
  • 34. Shorter description text Try not making people expand your content, except you’re writing a really long caption.
  • 35. Facebook Messenger in terms of users in #3 in the world You have to understand this. It’s because they forced everyone to use it, but chat is really popular. Be aware of that.
  • 36. If you have an offer, don’t hide it Make it the first thing people see. Put your offer right up front, don’t make people work for it. 37. Take all the emails in your newsletter subscriber list and them to a Facebook Custom Audience
  • You can target only those, specific people in your Facebook Ads platform if they sign up on Facebook with that email, of course.
  • 38. Get your Facebook Pixel on your website – now Pixel is a Facebook’s conversion tracking system which helps you to understand who’s coming to your website and to advertise to those people who are actually coming to your website, on Facebook.
  • 39. Don’t put your logo on your posts/images People hate advertising. Remove your logo from your photos. It’s not gonna work as well as without logo.
  • 40. Like people’s comments in comments
  • 41. Advertise your events you created for your live streams
  • 42. Ask people to share, like, comment on your It’s amazing how asking creates magic
  • 43. Run contest but.. Make it short term sensitive. For example, say: “You have to comment within 5 minutes of posting to enter”. You are posting people to know when you’re gonna post and to comment fast. That’s gonna help you hack the algorithm.


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