5 Creative Ideas for Working with Rugs

5 Creative Ideas for Working with Rugs A rug is a simple, yet effective way to transform any room.  You don’t need to have lots of money to do this either.  Rugs can be bought brand new or used.  Or, they can be handmade with just a little bit of time and effort.  There are many creative ideas out there on how to turn any rug into something special and this article’s going to share a few of those with you.
  1. Rope rug
This rug is so easy to make that even those with very little creativity can pull it off.  All you need is some thick rope, adhesive, felt, and paint and in no time at all you’ll have your very own unique rope rug.  Simply coil the rope together while holding flat.  Then use the adhesive to stick the felt to the bottom.  Once dry, flip it over and paint it as you wish.
  1. T-shirt rug
This rug is a fantastic eco-friendly way to recycle all those unwanted and unworn T-shirts that you have lying around the house.  You can easily get an 18” rug using just 6 T-shirts, some scissors, and a needle and thread.  Simply cut the T-shirts to make yarn, then braid or knot them together.  Next you coil the rug with the bottom facing up, ready for stitching.  Then, simply sew it all together.
  1. Denim rug
Another handy rug idea that involves recycling old clothes is the denim rug.  For this rug all you need is a few pairs of old jeans, a needle, and thread.  First, cut the man sections of the jeans into one long, inch -thick strip.  When all the jeans have been cut sew them together and roll them into a ball of ‘yarn’.  Then, armed with a large crochet needle start crochet stitching until all the denim’s been used.
  1. Pom Pom rug
Whether you decide to go at from scratch or buy a pom pom rug making kit, both with leave you with a finished product that will transform any room.  The great thing about these rugs is that they’re so easy to make.  The downside is that for a decent sized rug you’ll need around 200 or so pom poms.  Once you’ve put in the hours making the pom poms, simply attach them to a rug liner and flip it over.  You now have yourself a fluffy pom pom rug to sink your toes into.
  1. Braided towel rug
Ever wondered what you could do with all those old towels that have lost a little colour or softness of their lifetime?  Make a rug that’s what.  It may seem like a crazy idea, but a braided towel rug is one of the hottest things going right now in terms of DIY rugs.  Simply cut the towels into strips and braid them all together.  Once you have one long piece begin coiling.  As you coil the braid, sew them together at the back to save time later on. I hope you found these rug ideas interesting and have given you some inspiration to start your own creative design.  Just remember, just because it looks good, doesn’t mean it has to be expensive.  The best products are those made with passion and love from the heart. This guest post is from Steph Clarke who is part of the content & community outreach team at LandofRugs.com. Steph is obsessed with interior design trends and how new technology influences design.

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