5 Kitchen Design Choices That Boost Resell Value

Perhaps you’re planning on putting your home on the market soon, or maybe you’re just interested in doing whatever you can to increase its market value now so if you ever do sell it, you can look forward to profitable results. In any case, you can get positive outcomes by focusing on what’s typically one of the most-used rooms of a home: the kitchen. Here are some ideas.  

1. Making the Floor Plan More Open

Although people mainly use the kitchen for cooking and eating, it can also become a kind of central gathering place in the home. Kids may do homework there, or older residents might make crafts or build hobby models. As such, you can make the kitchen look like a more appealing place to spend prolonged periods if you open up the floor plan. Doing that might involve knocking down a wall or carrying out some other extensive renovations, but they could be well worth it. The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) surveyed people who recently bought homes or plan to do so within a few years. The organization asked participants to rank 175 home factors according to how important they are in a buying decision. The results showed that 86% of the respondents preferred open or partially open kitchens and dining rooms. If major renovations are not in the budget, you could do small things to make the kitchen seem more spacious, such as by clearing out a previously cluttered corner.    

2. Choosing New, Matching Appliances

There’s a trend whereby millennials go with smaller, older homes to make those abodes fit their budgets. They know that insisting on moving into new houses might make homeownership an unreachable goal. If you’re in the situation where you want to spruce up an older place to sell it later, are trying to increase the resale value during your first year as the owner or want to do both of those things, start with the appliances. When people assess the homes that interest them, they scrutinize how those residences look while gauging the likelihood that something could go wrong shortly after the move-in date. They don’t want to sign the papers to buy a house only to pay even more money to fix a faulty appliance soon afterward. Keep those things in mind as you consider how new, matching appliances might fit into your home design. Options made from stainless steel or featuring bright colors could bring elegance and character to the kitchen. Seeing that the machines are among the latest models could help a buyer feel more assured that the equipment won’t likely break down anytime soon.  

3. Switching to White Cabinets

Cabinets contain the plates, nonperishable foods, pots and pans that help people make use of their kitchens. However, they also play a substantial role in the design — since they’re so visible. Think about improving the cabinets by painting them white or refacing them with a predominantly white style. White is the color of choice for many homeowners, particularly since it showcases a clean look and helps the kitchen look airier. You can also emphasize contrast by switching to black hardware. Moreover, think about how new cabinets give the home an updated look. If you conclude that you’re going to update them, it’s smart to strongly consider making the new ones white.

4. Installing a Pot Filler

A pot filler is a long, swing-out faucet located over the stove that lets users avoid carrying heavy pots of water over to the stovetop from the sink. A 2019 poll from Zillow found that 49% of starter homes that had pot fillers sold for above their expected values. Across all houses, 27% of those with pot fillers sold for above the typical market values. As prospective homebuyers take part in viewings, they like to imagine what they could do there. Once they reach the kitchen and see the convenient pot filler, that addition could help them envision the things they’ll cook while using it.

5. Changing the Flooring

The flooring in a home goes through a lot, especially considering the frequent foot traffic. If the current floor in the kitchen looks dull, scuffed or dirty, installing something new could boost your resale value. Buyers love wood flooring because it seems unmistakably upscale. It’s even better if the wood floors in the kitchen extend to other areas of the home. If the cost and effort of putting wood flooring in your kitchen make that option unfeasible, don’t worry. Porcelain tile and vinyl both come in styles that mimic wood. If you opt for vinyl, you can turn your kitchen-revamping project into a do-it-yourself effort without prohibitive hassles.

Remodeling Your Kitchen With Purpose

If your primary goal is to achieve a quick and profitable sale for your home, it can sometimes feel overwhelming as you try to determine what buyers will want most when you put the abode on the market. Thanks to this list, you can breathe easier and have starting points that’ll help you feel well-equipped to enhance your kitchen and anticipate a significant payoff.   Holly Welles is a freelance writer specializing in real estate. She’s the editor behind The Estate Update, where she shares weekly updates on making the most of any home.

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