5 Practical and Stylish Additions to Your Bathroom Remodel

By: Lizzie Weakley When you are updating your home’s bathroom, you can find stylish but practical items that you can install. Consider these five items that you can use in your home’s bathroom to make it more enjoyable or useful.

Walk-in Bathtubs in a Bathroom

There are great reasons for installing a walk-in bathtub in a home’s bathroom. Older individuals or someone with mobility issues can find it impossible to use a traditional bathtub because it is difficult to lift the body from the water. However, walk-in bathtubs have seats that make it easier for an individual to bathe comfortably without needing any assistance from someone else. In addition, there is also no high side on the walk-in bathtub for someone to climb over in order to bathe each day.

Slip-resistant Floor Tiles in a Bathroom

Falls in a bathroom are one of the most frequent types of injuries, especially for senior citizens who have problems seeing and walking. While remodeling a home’s bathroom, make sure to install slip-resistant floor tiles. It is still important to place rugs on top of the floor tiles, but if an individual steps off of the throw rugs accidentally, then a fall is less likely to occur.

Unique Showers for the Bathroom

Rather than having a standard showerhead in a bathroom, you can find specialty showerheads, including removable shower wands, ceiling showers or rainfall showerheads. There are great benefits from using some of these showerheads such as making it easier for someone who is sitting down to wash hair on the scalp or creating a stream of water that is higher for someone who is extremely tall.

Customized Built-in Vanity

Rather than drying your hair and applying makeup in a bedroom, you can have a carpenter design a customized built-in vanity. This will give you a place to sit in front of a mirror while you style your hair and use makeup right after you shower. It will also keep the messy liquid foundation, eye shadows and lipsticks away from the expensive carpets in a bedroom.

Installation of a Shower Door

If you are tired of coping with flimsy plastic shower curtains or fabric shower curtains that develop a mildew odor, then it is time to install a shower door instead. There are clear and opaque shower doors that are made from a type of glass that is difficult to break. Shower doors are easier to keep clean each day, and the devices also keep the bathroom floor drier.

Hire a Bathroom Designer

To understand how to remodel your home’s bathroom in the best way, you should hire a knowledgeable bathroom designer for the process. Image Credit: Photo by Steven Ungermann on Unsplash Author Bio: Lizzie Weakley is a freelance writer from Columbus, Ohio. In her free time, she enjoys the outdoors and walks in the park with her husky, Snowball.

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