5 Tips for Your Home’s Summer Clean Out

  With the end of summer approaching and the busy back-to-school time drawing near, there is no better time than the present to start thinking about your home’s summer clean out. Though it’s easy to put off purging your home of unnecessary items and getting rid of clutter, the results are more than worthwhile in the long run. As you mark off an upcoming weekend to clean out your home, consider the tips below to make the process a bit easier.     Use the 4 Box Method A well-known cleaning and organizing method amongst homeowners, the 4 box method truly streamlines all of your clean out tasks. For each room you plan on clearing this summer, set 4 boxes aside in order to segregate trash, storage, donations, and items you plan to keep. Being able to organize every room in this way will not only help to clean out your space, it will also help clear your mind as you take on the stressful process of staging your home.   Get Cash from Your Closet It’s no secret that some of the spaces in the most need of a clean out are your home’s closets. From the foyer’s coat storage to your bedroom wardrobe, you’d be surprised at how many items you’re able to donate or resell to earn some extra cash. When sorting through all old clothing and unwanted items in your attic, be sure to assess their value to see if you can make a profit on what you’re no longer using. Participate in a neighborhood garage sale, or utilize online thrifting sites like thredUP for your closet cleanout to get paid for the clothes you no longer wear.   Give Everything a Place While this tip may sound simple, it’s actually one of the hardest to put into practice. For every space in your home you clean out this summer, be sure to take note of where you are regularly placing things. From the tissue box on your coffee table to the cookie jar in your kitchen, everything should have a designated place. Look for items in your home that seem to pop up in a different room every day, and make it a point to give them a specific place to live. Be sure to inform your family on the placement of all items in your house, big or small, as this will better help them on days that call for your house to be looking its best.     Identify Clutter Areas Similar to determining a place for each item, it’s also crucial to determine where the members of your household tend to leave their clutter as well. Whether there’s that pile of mail on your kitchen counter that just seems to keep growing, or a bathroom drawer you can no longer open because it’s filled with too much junk, it’s always important to tackle these spaces. Spend some time in each section of your house locating your clutter magnet areas, and find items to put in place of the clutter that will prevent more unwanted items from being left there. There are helpful organizing tools to prevent clutter you can always utilize that range from simple mail separators to drawer sorters, so don’t be afraid to do your research.   Embrace Minimalism Lastly, a great way to really clean out your home to get it looking its best is to try your hand at embracing minimalism. While this doesn’t mean you have to downsize to a singular living room couch or four plates in your cabinets, truly dedicating some time to letting things go might do your house some good in the long run. Spend a few days going through the sentimental items you have in your home this summer to determine if the memories they bring you have to be tied to a specific object. You might be surprised to find that there are items you can let go of that will give you a much more open, minimalistic living space.

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