7 Elements to Turn Your Dorm Room into the Smart Room of the Future

7 Elements to Turn Your Dorm Room into the Smart Room of the Future

Technology has lighted up the world today. I can vividly remember our days back in college. All I had to make my dorm room look techy was boom box, laptop and a small phone. Today, students can get a variety of cool tools around them. They can work using technology as much as they want cheaply and at any time. This has improved their security, sense of control and their lives in general. People who own homes are embracing the smart home technology. And these are some of the devices students can use to make their dorm rooms techy without going broke. In this article, we are going to share with you seven of the best elements you can use to turn your dorm room into the smart room of the future. These elements are quite cheap and easy to use. But first, let’s define what a smart room of the future is.

Smart Room of the Future

A smart room of the future is similar to a smart home. The only difference is in the budget and size. A technologically connected home normally has different types of devices installed to enhance security such as motion sensors, locks or cameras, convenience such as lighting control or entertainment, and reduce consumption of energy such as temperature control. With a smart dorm, there are no backyards to worry about or temperature controls. However, security measures apply in both scenarios. A smart dorm should have a variety of devices that are affordable and easy to use without taking up too much space According to Edubirdie review, before investing in smart devices, students should consider their durability and period of use. You don’t want to invest in something that will only serve you while in college only. Keep in mind that there is life after college.

Smart lighting and plugs

If you are not sure about turning your dorm room into a smart room, smart lighting and plugs are here to give you a taste of what you’ll be experiencing in a smart room. Smart lighting is any type of lighting that can be controlled through a smartphone app. Most of the smart lighting devices easily pair and work together with other smart devices. A smart plug, as its name suggests, is used turn on or off other smart devices. Most smart lighting devices will be among the common protocols namely Wi-Fi, Apple Home Kit or Zwave. And all these are convenient for students in terms of price and accessibility. If you want to build a sophisticated dorm room, avoid Bluetooth lighting solutions at all costs. Smart lighting can be operated remotely from across the campus or room.

1.      Geekbes smart plugs

If you are building a smart dorm for the first time, Geekbes smart plugs are ideal for you. The device is compatible with Google Home voice and Amazon Echo, meaning it will take you beyond the dorm to your smart home. They can be used by both Android and iOS anywhere anytime without restrictions. You can also set these plugs to timers. This will definitely help you when using devices such as diffusers, warmers and TVs to name a few.

2.      Geeni Wi-Fi Bulbs

You can upgrade your bulbs to smart bulbs easily today. Upgrading the lighting in your room will definitely pay off in spades. Upgrading your lights will enable you to have control over your smart dorm. The Geeni smart bulb can be dimmed or brighten using your phone or voice through Google Assistant or Alexa without an independent hub. A great thing about Geeni bulbs is that they can be control independently or as a group. They also come indifferent colors to help you personalize your dorm room.

3.      Voice controllers

            It’s difficult today to find a college student who has not heard of Google Home, Ukwritings review or Echo. Voice controllers are commonly used to play music, make phone calls or set reminders. To experience their true power, just pair them up with a smart device. The Echo Dot which costs around $44 and the Goggle Home Mini which costs around $40 are among the best devices suited for small apartments and dorms because they don’t take much space and easily blend with any décor. The prices of these devices have dropped recently. Therefore, you need not skip a meal to buy one of these. Even if you don’t have other smart devices in your room, having a voice controller is a great place to start because it can be used as independent communication device. You can set reminders, play music, communicate with writers from essay writing service and do lots of fun things while studying or gaming.

Smart Dorm Security

Keeping your room safe should be your top priority. According to Essayshark reviews, you’ll be spending most of your time away from your room. You’ll have to attend classes, work on assignments and projects, indulge in extracurricular activities and squeeze some time for fun and socializing with friends. To keep your dorm or apartment secure, here are the best smart security devices.

4.      Apple HomeKit

If you love Apple products, HomeKit is the ideal device for you. You don’t need a hub to operate your devices. And this makes everything easier for you when it comes to communication. The Elegato Eve motion sensor is one the cheapest and accessible smart security devices for your dorm. It detects motion and sends alerts instantly to the Eve, an app that can give you information about the quality of air, humidity and much more. This security device currently costs $67. With this device you can relax knowing your room is safe.  


Wi-Fi is also a good protocol like Homekit in that it doesn’t need a hub to operate. All it needs is a Wi-Fi connection. To keep everything safe, you should have your own router just in case the dorm network is compromised.

5.      EZVIZ Mini 360 Camera

The EZVIZ Mini 360 Camera is a wonderful device that will secure your dorm or apartment. With a resolution of 1080p and night vision, you need not be afraid when you are having fun with your friends or studying at night. The device is compatible with Google and Alexa. Using the app, you can tilt the camera to keep an eye on your space when you are away. This device is very efficient.

6.      TP-Link KasaCam

The TP-Link KasaCam is a great device that enhances security in confined areas. Despite its thin appearance, the camera is compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa and has a 1080p recording. Also, this security device has a dual band Wi-Fi to improve functionality and security. It is currently priced at $100 and this can be quite expensive for college students. However, you get what you invest.

7.      Home8 Security Shield Kit

This is an all in one kit that will enhance the security of your dorm starting from your door to the windows. This device is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. The door and window sensors are fixed to portals that send alerts to the user once entry is detected. Through the camera, you can check to see if the entry is warranted or malicious. The device has a built in microphone and anti-sniffing, a technology that protects information and videos against piracy.


These devices will help you gain control over your environment and make your college room smart. You don’t need to start off with expensive gadgets. Start small and add more devices to your collection. The devices discussed above are the best in the market today. Stay connected!  

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