A Beginner’s Guide To Choosing The Perfect Security Screen Doors For Your Home

When it comes to our homes, we always want to make our home’s security a top most priority. One of the best ways to do that is to install security screen doors. It is also a great way to ventilate your home during the sweltering summers. Not only do you get a chance to let the breeze enter your home, but also it keeps you safe from any insects, bugs or intruders. As a beginner, you might feel intimidated at the prospect of buying a security screen door or might not be aware which ones might be the best fit for your home. Well, there is nothing to fret about, because this guide will help you choose the best kind of security screen doors for your lovely abode. How To Choose The Right Security Screen Door? 1.Analyze your security needs: The first and foremost step is to think about your security needs. Assessing the community, you live in will help you determine which doors might be the perfect fit for you. If you live in a safe community, you would not need to spend a lot in the security doors, but if your neighborhood has frequent break-ins, then consider buying good quality screen doors only. 2.  Quality is important: Choosing a reputable company that can sell you good quality doors is quite crucial. You do not want to entrust the safety and security of your home in a company that is not well recognized in the market. Make sure that the company meets all of the guidelines of the Australian standards. 3.  Aluminum or steel: The best kind of screen security doors will be either made out of aluminum or steel. Many experts believe that steel is the best option to choose when safety and security is your top most concern, but if budget is an issue for you, aluminum is a great substitute for steel, since it costs much less.   4.  Frame: The frame of the door is quite an important criterion that needs to be checked. The material that is used in making the screen is referred to as the ‘infill’. It can either be made out of structural grade aluminum, steel bars, aluminum grill or steel mesh. The best option that you could choose is to either go for the perforated sheet made out of aluminum or the stainless-steel mesh. 5.  Checking the locks: The lock that is installed on the security screen doors is quite important. Look for three lock points instead of wafer lock, since the latter is quite easy to break into. Choosing a good quality lock gives an extra amount of security to your home. 6.  Door hinges: Make sure that your security doors have three hinges along with the fixed hinges which are irremovable. The bigger the size of the pin, the more secure your home is. The ideal thing to do is to go for a door that has a hinge filling between the frame and the door, so that any sort of access is not allowed at all. 7.  Price: The last and the foremost important point on this list is to make sure that you are aware of the price of the door that you are considering purchasing. Going easy on the security screen doors might be a good idea if your neighborhood is secure but spending a bit more on these doors when you have an unsafe neighborhood is the right way to go. Look for the sellers who can custom make your security screen doors. This way, you can choose the individual materials before getting the final result. This will not only ensure more safety and security for your home, but also you will give you full control over its functionality.
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9 thoughts on “A Beginner’s Guide To Choosing The Perfect Security Screen Doors For Your Home

  1. Hey Anna, home security should never be compromised. Adults will be going for work and hence it is of utmost important for someone to take care of the kids present at home. In this event, Security Screen Doors might play a huge role and what you have shared is indeed amazing!!

  2. Thanks for these tips on how to find a good security screen. I agree that quality is important to consider. My husband and I are looking for a security screen, so we’ll have to consider their quality.

  3. Thanks for explaining that you need to find a company that stands up to Australian standards when looking for a security door for your home. I want to get one added to the front and back doors of our home. There have been more break-ins in the neighborhood recently, so we want to make sure our kids are safe.

  4. I appreciate the suggestion of looking at how durable the hinges are designed to make sure that the door is secure. My wife and I want to upgrade our home to be safer before we go on a trip later this year. Installing one that can’t be tampered with would help us feel more secure while we’re away.

  5. It’s good that you point out that security screen doors are a great way to let a breeze into your home while keeping out insects and bugs. We get a lot of mosquitos in our area in the summer, so I’m considering buying some security screen door to keep them out of my house. I’m going to look for a good company in the area that does security screen door installation.

  6. Thanks for the advice about getting a security door made out of aluminum or steel and to make sure it has three lock points instead of a wafer lock. My wife and I moved into a new neighborhood about a month and a half ago. It seems a little less safe then we initially thought so I’ll keep in mind what you said about getting a steel or aluminum-based door with multiple locks.

  7. That is interesting that steel is the best option for safety and security. Maybe it would be good to get a stainless steel security door. This is something I will have to have installed sometime soon.

  8. I like how you said that if you live in a safe community then you won’t need to spend as much as you would if you didn’t. My dad had a robbery in his neighborhood just the other day, so I’m looking for ways to make his house safer. I’ve already convinced him to change his locks. A screen door will be a good idea too!

  9. I like that you mention how important it is to know your situation so you can know which doors would work best for you and your needs. My husband’s parents have had a few robberies in their area over the past few months and are still uncomfortable at home. I think they should find a security door that fits their needs so they are able to feel comfortable and have peace of mind.

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