Amazing Staging! OH – it’s a great – TRUE – story!!

Amazing Staging! OH – it’s a great – TRUE – story!! The Staging business never ceases to amaze me! The positive results of Staging Homes for Sale still Changes Lives – For the Better! A property, of mine, that had been Staged and on the market for 10 months (over priced) was finally reduced to reflect current market values. It sold within two weeks! I knew this! What I did not know until I spoke to the Realtor yesterday was that the unit sold “due to the Staging”, to quote the Realtor. I also knew it did not have the lowest listing price in the complex and it did not have features that the other comps did. The Buyers loved it & made the offer due to the Staging! The news to me yesterday was that the buyers offered MORE THAN the listing price!! It’s September 2008!! I am delighted to testify that over asking price offers still take place, “in this market!!” I am happy for the sellers as they had been carrying two mortgage payments for almost a year! I LOVE THIS BUSINESS!! I cannot wait to see what good things come next!! PS The foot note is that I was hired by the homeowner, it sold under the second Realtor – whom I have NEVER met AND has given me two great jobs within the last two weeks because of the power of Home Staging!! Isn’t that cool?  Jan Whitlow, ASPM Pinellas and Sarasota Counties, Florida

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