Become an Accredited Staging Assistant – the NEWEST Educational Offering from StagedHomes

If you are a creative person but do not want the responsibility of owning and operating a business, enroll in the Accredited Staging Assistant (ASA) Course from StagedHomes! This two-day course has been offered for months to existing graduates of our Staging Courses to grow their companies, and now is OPEN to anyone in the industry who wants to be part of an existing team!  If you own a Home Staging Company and want your team members to be Accredited, have them enroll in the ASA Course so they learn valuable skills and gain understanding of what it takes to be a vital part of a Staging Team!

Find out more at

NOTE:  You need to be “sponsored” by an existing Home Staging Company Owner.  You can locate a sponsor by searching the site or  You can also go to and search the Home Staging Professionals Group – to find many existing company owners looking for talented and reliable Team Members to help with their expansion.

Enroll today and start earning income from your Creative Talent!


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