Budget-Friendly Ways to Stage Your Home

by John Miller | [email protected] One of the greatest challenges about selling a home is trying to appeal to the potential buyers that walk through your door. Staging is a process that makes your home look comfortable, charming and cozy without having to get rid of your belongings and start fresh. While many think that home staging is expensive, there are ways that you can do it when your budget is tight. Remove the Personal Artifacts Buyers who are looking to move into your home want to imagine that the space is there’s. No matter if you’re in the kitchen, dining room or bedroom, a cost-efficient way to de-personalize your dwelling is by putting away pictures, trophies and collectibles that are special to you. While you don’t have to get rid of the items for good, placing them in storage during the sale can make your home more approachable. Fixtures and Hardware You don’t have to break the bank to impress home buyers. When it comes to plumbing and toilets, simple changes such as new fixtures and showerheads can turn your bathroom or kitchen from drab to fab. In addition to sump pumps, hot water heaters and piping, a licensed plumber can also help change fixtures, faucets and sinks. New cabinets can be a costly venture, especially if you’re planning to sell your home. Simple changes such as new hardware on your cabinets and drawers can make your kitchen and bathrooms look fresh and updated. Rearrange the Furniture If you find yourself with some limited space, rearranging the furniture can bring a natural flow to your dwelling. Sectional couches, coffee tables and other large pieces may work for your family’s comfort, but it can make your rooms look tiny. You can save money in staging costs by keeping only the pieces that actually flow and fit with your room. Following the less is more mantra will give the buyers the appearance that your home has room to move around in. Declutter When it comes to home staging, don’t be afraid to declutter. In addition to getting rid of stacks of newspapers, magazines and books, you can also purge the obstacles that don’t fit in aesthetically. This includes accessories such as vases, plants and furniture. If you have children, find an inexpensive chest where you child can put their toys, games and stuffed animals. Natural Lighting No matter what color you paint your walls, window treatments and blinds can make your home appear dark and lackluster. Bringing in natural light is an easy and inexpensive fix for homeowners looking to sell their home. Instead of dark shades, opt for neutral curtains that let in the natural light of your home. If you do have window coverings, keep them opened before a showing. The safety and comfort that natural lighting brings to a person can do wonders on a person psychologically. Comfortable and Inviting If you’re trying to entice buyers throughout your home, you need to make it appear comfortable and inviting. Fluff up couch pillows and put out clean, matching towels on the bathroom counter. Staging isn’t just for the eyes. You can also whet the appetite of your potential buyers by baking cookies or pumpkin bread before a showing. As your guests walk through the home, the tantalizing aromas may allow them to see the joys that your home can bring . Bring in Color Neutral walls are a must if you plan on selling your home. However, this can leave your living space dull. Instead of wallpapering and painting your home using scintillating colors, you can add a bit of brilliance with some important accent pieces. Fluffy pillows in brilliant shades, warm colored area rugs, abstract throws and unique table napkins can make their own splashy appearance.  

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