Essential Things to Inspect Before Buying Your Home

Thinking of buying a home? Good decision, indeed! But don’t make it alone, because it’s a huge one. Instead, turn to professional experts for advice and help, like your licensed Realtor.  They don’t only guide you through the entire process, but also help you search for your dream home, ensure that you get a good deal, and then handle the paperwork for you. Homeownership does have its advantages. The mortgage might scare you, but other than that, there’re just so many reasons that you should consider buying a house. For starters, you invest money and gain equity, whereas renting doesn’t provide ROIs.  You gain tax advantages and enjoy more control over your living space. True, the home buying journey can be stressful and complex, but it’s worth it. And as far as the difficulties are considered, realtors can help you navigate through them all. One of the best ways to avoid homeownership pains and hassles is to make sure that you’re buying an appropriate ‘dream house’ – that doesn’t only look as you want but also performs as it should. Whenever inspecting any house, whether doing it at the open house, or another time, do keep the following checklist in mind.

Room Size

How big or how small are the rooms of that house? Can all your belongings fit in? Will the room appear cluttered after you’ve placed the furniture or will look it spacious? Image a fully furnished room in your mind, and evaluate how the home would look once you’ve brought in your personal taste into the décor.

Interior Layout

What is the layout of the home like? This significantly affects your daily life, so it’s an important consideration factor. Walk through the entire house, room by room, and see if you like the plan and flow.


Mold infestation can be a problem, and if the house is affected, you shouldn’t be considering it until the current homeowners avail a mold removal service.  Also keep in mind that every house will be infected to a varying extent, and if it is on the low side, it might not be an issue. Some mold problems can be fixed, but this shouldn’t be delayed unnecessarily because mold can affect your health. Talk to your realtor, and they’ll guide you if you should buy the home or not.


Radon is radioactive in nature, and is sometimes, found in the soil beneath your home. If the concentration is on the higher side, you will be exposed to health hazards. Depending on the structure of your house, radon can get trapped in over a period of time, increasing the risks even more. Thus, before buying any home, consider getting a radon inspection carried out.

Lead Paint

Buying an old home? They sure have a historical significance, but some things or elements are obsolete now, and you should definitely not be buying a house that contains them. Lead paint is one of these; ingest it and you’ll expose yourself to danger. While homeowners are obliged to inform you about lead presence before selling a home, you should still check during the home inspection.

HVAC System

Checking the HVAC system is a standard part of any home inspection. The life of the unit widely depends on how well it has been maintained. While home inspection cannot guarantee an optimally functioning system, it can still give you an idea of the remaining life. Generally, condensers should last for at least 12 years before are replaced, but this largely depends on how well they have been used.


Roofing problems form the basis of around 39% claims. Reputed real estate companies like Sands Realtors always tell their client about the roof’s age, current and potential issues. If these are too significant, ask the existing homeowner to get them repaired or negotiate on the amount.

Foundation Issues

Hairline cracks are an indication of a house settling down. But larger gaps signify a much bigger issue with the foundation itself. Before being suggested to buyers, all Sands Realty properties on the listings are checked for visible cracks, uneven floors, stuck-out doors and other signs that indicate foundational uses. So keep our list in mind, and tick off the items when inspecting houses! This will ensure that homeownership turns out to be a hassle-free experience.   Article submitted by Craig Evans, Founder & Author Curious Vision

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