Get to Know a Major ASP, ASPM and IAHSP Benefit: We’re Working Hard to Get the Word out about You

Many of the benefits you receive as an ASP and ASPM, and member of IAHSP, are probably quite known by most within our home Stager community. Part of your extensive benefits package is a feature page at where you can post information about you and your business; add your picture; and provide a link to your website. With millions of hits to the website each month, it’s likely you’ll receive leads from consumers looking for a home Staging professional, and from other professionals looking to add the services you provide. Similarly, homes, which you’ve Staged and that are currently available for sale, are posted at so that consumers will be able to find them. And, the ever-increasing number of hits proves that it’s a chosen home-search platform for many consumers. By being a member of IAHSP you’re part of the only professional Home Staging Association that is dedicated strictly to the Home Staging Industry. Perhaps not as well-known is the work we do behind the scenes to support our ASP/ASPM/IAHSP community through extensive media relations. We work diligently to assist with media inquires, and we also actively reach out to media outlets to share the concept of Home Staging. Last week, in fact, provided excellent opportunities to really share the word of Home Staging. Early in the week I had the great pleasure of speaking with Erica Christoffer, a writer with Realtor® Magazine. Want to read the result of our 2-hour interview? Please click here to read The Visual Nature of the Internet Has Home Owners More Attuned to Aesthetics. Additionally, I had the great pleasure of speaking with a great writer of Consumer Reports for two hours, for whom I shared that I believe in ASP Home Staging because it works! Furthermore, by the end of the week I shared ASP Staging and information about IAHSP in separate interviews with Kiplinger’s Magazine and the Seattle Times. Stay tuned as we’ll give you the links to those upcoming articles as they come available. At we work hard on your behalf to spread the word about what you do. And, from the ongoing media coverage we’re fortunate to receive, you can tell it works. If you’d like to see video clips and articles of past media coverage, please visit the Stagedhomes Media Center here. As always, thank you for all that you do. It’s because of your hard work we’re able to educate the world about the benefits of ASP Home Staging. Barb Barb Schwarz, ASPM, ASP, IAHSP President and Founder,®, the ASP/ASPM® Courses & ASP/ASPM® Designations, The Staging University®, the IAHSP® International Association, and the IAHSP Foundation®

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