Hiring The Best Team Members For Your Home Staging Business

Hiring The Best Team Members For Your Home Staging Business   Home staging is the latest in progressive business ideas to be snapped up by forward thinking entrepreneurs. These big picture thinkers, often disillusioned with life in corporate firms, have taken on the challenge of creating tailor-made home environments and are reaping the rewards for taking on this niche business idea.   Each Home Stager generally works for themselves and like every self start-up, can put in long hours drumming up contacts, building a portfolio and connecting with potential clients.   As anyone who works for themselves knows, even when you’re a one-person-band, you still need a good team around you as your business grows. When you’ve put in the time and the effort growing your operation, you’ll need a team who shares your passions, your dreams and your business goals.   Recruiting can be a minefield but with a few simple tips you can take the stress out of finding your dream hire. Whether you’re looking for administration support, bookkeeping or project management, knowing a few insider tips will go a long way.   “Learning to hire is a skill. If you’re the CEO, you probably find yourself taking on all kinds of responsibilities, including being in charge of HR and recruitment.  Start with the basics and figure out exactly what kind of role you’re recruiting for,” Susan Mayer, content writer for BoomEssays and Academized says.   Starting with the basics means creating a full list for the role you expect your candidate to take on, include job responsibilities and person specification. You’ll need to think carefully about what exactly you are asking your new team member to do. Are they, for example, picking up the slack on your filing and paperwork and visiting homes for quotations or are they on board to help create the projects themselves? Think about the kinds of jobs that have become nothing more than a chore to you and consider how you could pass them over. Be as specific as possible, to narrow down candidates with just the right skills. Make it clear what you expect and what they can expect in return from you. Will you offer any kind of employee benefits with the role?   Then think about how your business and how your team will grow. While you may be recruiting for one position now, consider whether you’ll be looking to hire a few more employees in a year’s time. Your business plan will inform these decisions and help you with creating a recruitment strategy. Get your new team member on board with the potential changes and consider creating a managerial position for the right hire.   Next, don’t rush the process. Yes you may be overwhelmed with the sheer volume of work but choosing the wrong team member is going to add to your workload, not ease it. Take time to carefully vet applicants and go back to a few for one or even two interviews before you make a final decision. Gregory Brookes, hiring manager at UKWritings and Essayroo, says: “Don’t be afraid to send follow up questions after an interview. It’s your business and you need to make sure you get a great hire. Take your time and get it right, first time”.   Think about what kind of role you’re offering and how you plan on paying your new member. Will you take on someone in a consultancy or freelance role or offer a salaried position and what about commission? Set your stall out early to avoid confusion.   Finally consider a trial period, say around six months. Then if that person isn’t working out then don’t be afraid to let them go. Don’t waste your time or theirs trying to make something work that clearly isn’t. Your business and your peace of mind are not worth the risk. Work out what went wrong so the next time you don’t make the same mistake.   Running your own Home Staging business is a roller coaster ride of hard work and reward, made all the easier with a great team in place. Recruitment is never easy but following a few simple steps can take the stress out of the whole process and maybe even change your working life for the better. Article submitted by Grace Carter.  Grace Carter is an editor at OXEssays and Paper Fellows services. She teaches interns, helps with smooth onboarding, helps HR department with recruiting new writing talents. Also, Grace is a tutor at Assignment Writing Service, where she curates a few online courses.

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