Home Staging – Why LESS Means MORE by Jennie Norris, ASPM, IAHSP

De-cluttering.  Editing.  Room refreshing.  Purging.  No matter how you slice it (or say it) it still amounts to “Home Staging.”  Home Staging is all about LESS is MORE.  LESS is MORE for Buyers – as it allows them to see MORE of the house when there is LESS to distract them.  LESS is MORE for Sellers.  When Sellers listen to the sage advice of a professional ASP Home Stager, and put away things as directed by the Staging Plan, the Seller will get MORE for their house than their un-Staged competition. The reverse is true too.  MORE means LESS for Sellers – when their houses are too cluttered and selling features are obscured or hidden behind objects or drowing in decor and clutter, a Buyer cannot appreciate all the selling features of the house and an overwhelmed mind says, “no.” This can be confusing to a public that is watching television shows where the house is remodeled, decorated and called “Staged” for sale.  It is truly misleading.  There are many ways to Stage a house where the Seller is unable to make improvements or upgrades based on budget and timeframe.  The house would be marketed appropriately, but it can still be showcased to show its best when it is ASP Staged.  When you have LESS can you afford MORE?  The answer is YES.  The truth is – many Sellers simply do not have the amount of money being touted on television as necessary to Stage a house.   Shows tell us to spend $2,000 and remodel our houses.  The truth is the average investment to Stage your house using the ideas of a professional Home Stager who provides a detailed plan to the Seller is about $300 – that seems much more reasonable and something most homeowners can afford.   Depending on the Seller’s timeframe and budget, the ASP Stager can come and help finish off the Staging for an additioanl fee, and even bring in “WOW” Factor to help add visual appeal. Is MORE Better than LESS?  No.  Some Stagers are being taught to “Decorate to sell” a houseThis is a cardinal sin in the world of Home Staging.  Staging is a real estate tool to help market a property.  Although we do consider things like placement, color, and items used in the Staging process, ASP Home Staging is NOT about the stuff.  It’s always about the SPACE.  With many other entities jumping on the Home Staging bandwagon and “training” people to “be Stagers” it’s important to ask about the qualifications and credentials of anyone you consider working with to Stage your house or listing.  Make sure your Stager is insured, up to date in their designation, and a member of the first and highly respected International Association of Home Staging Professionals (IAHSP).  In the world of Home Staging, only the Accredited Staging Professional (ASP) Designation has been around for over 10 years, and has nearly 40 years of history and experience behind it based on the success and career of Barb Schwarz, the Inventor and Creator of the Home Staging Concept.  Is MORE ever too MUCH?  Yes.  In the world of training and designations, beware of the “education junkie” – who has taken oodles of classes and has many initials after their name.  To me, that is a confused Home Stager that really does not understand his or her role with the Seller and his or her role within the real estate industry.  Getting too many viewpoints begins to dilute the purity and message of Home Staging.  What I have seen is that those that are into taking many classes inevitably end up in the “Staging is Decorating” category and lose the pure essence of what Home Staging is.   Home Staging is a marketing and presentation tool to help a piece of real estate sell.  Pure and simple. LESS is MORE is our motto for Staging and Selling a house.  If you wonder how much you need to remove or what to do – it’s a wise investment to pay for a detailed Staging Report – that tells you what to do in each room of your house.  Or you can hire a team of professionals to just get it done for you – where you leave for the day and your house is transformed while you are gone – and you come back to a whole new house – that is STAGED and ready for sale! Get MORE instead of LESS for your house or listing.  Realtors earn MORE commission not LESS when a house is Staged and sells rather than dropping in price. ___________________________________________________________________ If you have a house or listing in the Sacramento area – and want it professioanlly Staged, we invite you to contact the ASP Home Staging experts at We Stage Sacramento. We are Accredited, Insured and adhere to a professional code of ethics.  Call us at 888-WE-STAGE to let us help you achieve your goal of Staging and Selling.  We work with Sellers, Realtors, Builders and Investors throughout Placer, El Dorado and Sacramento counties.

8 thoughts on “Home Staging – Why LESS Means MORE by Jennie Norris, ASPM, IAHSP

  1. Jennie,
    This was a great article about staging and how Less Means More. We here feel the same and convey that message to home sellers in the South Florida area. Editing homes so potential buyers can imagine moving in is on top of the list for lived in properties in today’s market.

    Sandra Holmes
    Home Staging Concepts
    [email protected]

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