Humorous Top 10 Tips for ASP Stagers

Humorous Top 10 Tips for ASP Stagers By Carol Johnson, ASP Founder of the Recruiting Network
  1. “Let Me Tell You How I Work”…. Or pay the price later.
  2. Q-Tip Clean doesn’t mean picking them up off of the bathroom floor.
  3. The wrong colors can cost the sellers a lot of green.
  4. Occasionally clients interpret “Clutter Free” to mean accessorizing with Free junk.
  5. When staging for the holidays keep inflatable yard décor to three items, small, medium and large.
  6. Investing in ASP Staging is cheaper than flushing dollar bills down the toilet.
  7. ASP’s should make it a policy to have a policy about policies and changing policies.
  8. When buyers see spots on the carpet they think the roof leaks.
  9. It is against the law to say there is a law about a law that isn’t a law.
  10. Staging with “hairy balls” increases offers by 97%.
Author’s Note: At the Recruiting Network, we believe that ASP staging is good for the public and the designated ASP Real Estate Agents and ASP Stagers who serve them.  We encourage brokers to include ASP staging and training in their standard operating procedures because the public is learning to expect it as a result of expanded media coverage and television network programming. If these 10 items are not funny to you, you need to catch up on Barb’s latest ASP Staging course.  Smile, me…… Carol Johnson, ASP ******************************* Dear ASP’s, Carol Johnson is a very talented woman whom I have known for over 20 years.  She is the Founder of the Recruiting Network whose convention I have attended and been a featured speaker/trainer at several times to speak to Large National Real Estate Company Owners about the magic of ASP Home Staging. Last week, Carol became an ASP in our Chicago ASP Course.  As I spoke she wrote the above humorous top 10 tips for ASP Stagers based upon the humorous side of educational points I made I hope you enjoy and love what she so cleverly did.  Carol, you are a pure joy to me and us all.  Thank you for your dear ‘humorous’ take on some of my words during the ASP Course in Chicago. Barb Schwarz, ASPM, ASP, IAHSP, AB The Creator of Home Staging® CEO Chairwoman,The International Association of Home Staging Professionals and the IAHSP Foundation

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