I did it!! I think I did it!!

I have become a blogger on Active Rain but wanted so badly to start blogging here too!  I have not successfully posted here until now.  A friend did me a favor an posted my previous success story!  See as far as posting myself, I was over looking what was right before my very eyes – this happens a lot.  I did not see that tiny, little link in the upper left hand corner that says, "Join this community"; you can find it after loggin into LiveJournal.  Secondly, my entries were gong to my LJ Blog which I really do nto use!  I overcame that hurtle again AND again it was me not seeing what is before my very eyes – not that’s a topic for blogging!  In my haste these days to get my tasks & projects done I have been overlooking too many details.  I hve to stop that!  Oh Me!!

So I’m here!!  This is the best blog!  Here on the stagedhomes.com blog we will see the goings on & the good news that ASP Home Staging brings all over the world.  I LOVE THIS BUSINESS!  Yes, I am shouting as I mean it that much.  Blogging represents free marketing and connections all over the world.  People are watching people on the Internet.  If you are blogging here you are on the forefront of our industry.  I am still learning about blogging but what I see I like.  Just as stagedhomes.com leads the Home Staging Industry we need to lead in blogging about it.  If you were at Convention in Seattle you know it was mentioned a lot.  I knew nothing then.  You can start as I have, just by doing.

Suggestions –

  • blog regularly, mark your calendar and stick with it
  • before you open your own blog write 6-10 interesting posts so you are prepared
  • don’t make your blog one sales pitch after another
  • be interesting so people will want to return to find out what you are up to
  • post pictures; our before & Staged PICS are powerful
  • let the world know what you are doing
  • comment on other blogs that are of interest to you
  • pick a place for your personal blog and consistently blog there – not all over the place
  • always post your personal posts to this blog – remember others are watching
Happy Blogging … Have a wonderFULL Day!!

Jan Whitlow, ASPM, IAHSP

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