‘My Clients’ by Stacey Gibson, ASP®, ASPM® Lifetime, IAHSP®

Who are my clients? They are my local Realtors®. I had no idea how loyal they were to me until I went back to our ASP® Class when we had another ASP® training class in our town. (I suggest you go back to our ASP® Class too if you have not yet done so.) I had several agents email me about attending the class – wanting to know if I knew about it – of course I did! I had flyers on the table at our Brokers Tour for several weeks in a row. However the big news came later, after the training course came and went, when one of my top Brokers and I were talking. He mentioned the class and I asked if he or anyone from his office attended, his replied went something like this… “Why would we want to learn how to do your job? You are our expert!” Boy was I surprised! I had no idea how strongly he [and his company] felt about sending me in as part of their team. Now, I do get to be the “bad guy” sometimes, but really my clients and I are simply trying to sell properties for top dollar. Believe me, I back them and they back me when we educate sellers on principles such as “Clutter Eats Equity” a great saying by Barb Schwarz, ASPM®, The Creator of Home Staging.

Recently, I had another experience with a newer Realtor® in our local market. After sitting in on her first listing where I educated the sellers about staging their property…She commented “What you do looks like fun, but I can’t do that!” Personally, I always think of staging as educating.

What a great feeling it is to know that I have built great relationships with my clients! They trust me to be professional, kind, and consistent when applying our staging principles. ASP® know what it takes! I AM Proud to be part of an amazing group of business people!

Stacey Gibson

Accredited Staging Professional Master®

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