Register before July 1st For the ASP® 2012 IAHSP® Educational Conference and SAVE MONEY NOW!

The ASP® 2012 IAHSP® Educational Conference will take place on October 26th to October 28th at Useless Bay Golf and Country Club, South Whidbey Island, in Washington State. Register Now and Save $40. Early Bird Registration Fee ends July 1st. Currently Registration fee is $349. July 1st it goes up to $389″. So Sign up NOW! Here is a quick peak at some of our Great Featured Speakers at our ASP® 2012 IAHSP® Educational Conference, Oct 26th – 28th “Walk Down the (Senior) Brick Road” by Melanie Warren The senior market – we all hear about it, however, how do you want to penetrate it? This is the marketplace that can take you to the next level! Some of you are staging in this marketplace already but how can you grow more and not stumble over the challenges. In this session I will walk you through a presentation that is sure to get you those staging projects and much more. Take the walk down the “Senior brick road”. My presentation will include: Wealth of Baby Boomers & Seniors, Habits, Elder-speak, My “Follow the Yellow Brick Road” Actual Presentation, and Why the Staging ALWAYS gets done! “Creating “Builder-Standard” Staging Specification packets for Banks and Builders.” By Kevin Htain I have had a lot of success within the REO market working with Banks and Builders and offering them specification packets for their flip and REO projects which include complete color selections and general direction for kitchens and baths. Learn about how to find out the basic requirements for builders as determined by region, and how to create Builder Specification Packets to add to your Staging Services. Builder’s standard paint colors, Kitchen and bathroomamenities and upgrades, How to price these services and how to lock an additional Staging Agreement along with these services. Adding Builder Spec Packet services can increase your Clients’ commitment to you, your services and increase your company’s income! “How To Be Featured in the Media to Build Your ASP® Staging Business” by Joanne Cleaver Don’t you just wish when you read a news story about Home Staging that you could have been included in it? Joanne Cleaver, Certified Media Specialist Trainer ,will tell you what  journalists are looking for and how to get in on opportunities to be quoted and featured in news and features stories in all media to build your ASP®  Staging Business. “Marketing to the Personalities – Understanding How to Meet the Needs of Your Clients Based on their Temperament” by Jennie Norris All of us are made up of combinations of traits that comprise our personalities and temperaments. It’s natural to approach life and relationships based on what we like or dislike but since we are in a PEOPLE Business – we need to become masters at identifying others’ needs based on the clues they give us. Understanding how you are made – and your strengths and weaknesses – will help you be better in business and relationships. Understanding how to identify the personalities of others – in a short time – will help you better serve your clients and meet their needs for how you share information so that it makes sense to THEM – and will make you more successful. “Staging for Seniors and Their Families in Transition” by Richard Kline Serving seniors and their families can be overwhelming even in the best of circumstances.  In addition to honoring our client’s possessions, our ASP® training teaches us to demonstrate patience, compassion and empathy. In this session, explore how to put these virtues to practical use by identifying your client’s emotional/grieving transitional stage. Learn the recognizable characteristics for each stage of transition and practical tips for achieving the best possible Staging result. Leave with resources and empowered desire to impact your client’s life changes. “Real Estate Owned Properties and Your ASP® Staging Future Success!” by Sandra Holmes Ever wonder how to implement your ASP® Staging business working with all of the foreclosed properties in your area? What if you became the expert to align with the Asset Management Companies, Banks, and REO Listing Agents where you work by offering various services that will make you money and help them to get these properties Restored, Remodeled, Staged®, and Sold! Sandra Holmes, President of Home Staging concepts, is an expert in this area and will share with you how to help build your ASP® Business by Staging REO properties. You will be amazed how your business will grow! “How to Get your Business Going When you Feel like Giving up!” by Stacey Gibson Have you ever wanted to throw in the towel? Just quit? Get a 9-5 job so it’s easier? Is your business not growing the way you want? Having trouble moving forward? Stacey Gibson of Chico Home Staging will share some of the dilemmas she has faced throughout her Staging years. Stacey will teach you how to get through these “deal breakers” and find out how to make your business everything you want it to be! Our 2012 Educational Conference for ASP®’s is going to be unlike any other convention ever given. By attending this year’s educational conference you will return home with more ‘how to build your business ideas, new marketing concepts, inventory ideas, presentation ideas and steps of how to grow your business to a new level.’ You will also receive 2 new ASP® designations. Also for those who want to earn their ASPM® Masters Designation this year, the Masters Course will follow the ASP® 2012 IAHSP® Educational Conference in the same location. So some of you can achieve it all, everything at the same time. Choice #1: Attend the ASP® 2012 Educational Conference, October 26th – 28th Choice #2: Attend the ASP® 2012 IAHSP Educational Conference October 26th – 28th and Continue on to earn your ASPM® Designation, October 30th to Nov 1st You must be an active renewed ASP® member in good standing with and IAHSP® to attend our ASP® 2012 IAHSP® Conference and also to attend the Masters Course. The subjects and new ASP® Designations are extremely timely in this market and beneficial for your ASP®, ASPM® Businesses. This will be a very intense productive educational time filled to the brim with fabulous speakers and marketing ideas you can put to use the minute you return to your community. Come ready to learn, network, grow, and earn 2 new designations as an ASP®… and a new IAHSP® Designation for those who meet the requirements as well. Click here for more information.

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