Securing Your Sanctuary: 4 Renovations to Fortify Your Home

No one knows what the future may hold. Unfortunately, sometimes there are significant dangers that could develop at any time. Your home may be targeted by criminals. You could face catastrophic weather. There may even be political unrest that leads to rioting in your neighborhood. Whatever the case, you need to be prepared. One thing you can do to prepare is to fortify your home against such threats. You can do so as part of a home renovation project. Below are a few possibilities.

Install a Smart Security System

The first most obvious project you should take on is installing a security system. However, you should be aware that security systems have evolved a lot in recent years. Today, they are much more advanced and implement smart technology. This means being able to control and monitor the entire system via smart phone apps. Even if you are another continent away, you’ll be able to monitor what is happening at your home and watch live video feeds from surveillance cameras.

Reinforce Doors and Windows

Obviously, most intruders have two choices for entering a home, doors or windows. If you want to secure your home, doors and windows are a good place to start. Chose a door designed for security with a metal plate inside and a smart lock that cannot be picked. For windows, choose reinforced glass windows, polycarbonate windows, or Plexiglas windows. Strong windows will also protect your home from strong weather.

Construct a Safe Room

The most important part of home security is protecting the lives of your family. Once choice you should consider is constructing an impenetrable safe room. This room should be greatly reinforced, hidden from view of intruders and include survival supplies as well as communication tools to allow your family members to request help. It can protect your family even if intruders do make it inside the house.

Construct a Strong Gate

Lastly, your home needs to be walled off from the outside. This requires installing a fortified gate. This will prevent vehicles you don’t know from entering your property. While having a gate may seem cumbersome, automatic gates can be as easy to open as a garage door with a garage door opener. Making sure your home is safe and secure should be one of your top priorities. If you are concerned about your home’s safety, consider performing different renovation projects to help fortify your home. The four listed above are a good starting point.   Article submitted by Lizzie Weakley.

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