Serving Others through the Highest Standards at The International Association of Home Staging Professionals®

Did you know that ASP® Home Stagers who belong to The International Association of Home Staging Professionals®, IAHSP®, are held to professional ethical standards? ASPs® and ASPMs® follow the IAHSP Home Staging Code of Ethics. We hold our ASP® members accountable as they become IAHSP members. Our IAHSP Association has a process to ensure that any ethics issues are dealt with fairly and in a timely fashion. “Once I had developed the ASP® and ASPM® designations I knew it was crucial to show our business partners, our ASP Members, and our customers that we hold ourselves to the highest standards and that we manage our businesses with the highest level of integrity possible,” said Barb Schwarz , The Creator of Home Staging® and Founder of IAHSP. “We accept members who have earned the ASP® Home Staging designation which is truly the benchmark of the Home Staging Industry.  IAHSP is the only Association that represents and serves Home Staging professionals alone, not decorators or designers, but Home Stagers.” Every ASP® and ASPM® graduate who joins IAHSP pledges to “… follow and protect this Code of Ethics for all Accredited Staging Professional® Stagers, ASPs®, through IAHSP …..” and to… protect the quality of Staging by following the ASP® Criteria & only using the word “Staged” to describe homes that have truly met or exceeded that criteria.” The Code of Ethics includes policies for how to work honorably with other ASPs and real estate professionals. Additionally, the Code of Ethics defines how ASPs will “establish and maintain professional policies to help hold their clients accountable to keep their Staged Homes in Staged showing condition until the home is sold and the inspection and appraisal are completed.” The latter is in place for the benefit of sellers and buyers as well as the Realtors® involved with the sale. When you hire or work with an ASP® or ASPM® you will not only be served by a well-trained Home Staging professional. You will also know that you’ll be served by a Home Stager committed to following the IAHSP Home Staging Code of Ethics.
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