Announces Fall Schedule of Accredited Home Staging Professional® Training Courses Developed by Barb Schwarz, Creator of Home Staging announced today its upcoming schedule for ASP® Home Staging Training Courses across the United States and Canada for August through December of 2011.  Courses will be offered in Albany/Latham, NY, Austin/Round Rock, TX, Charlotte, NC, Cleveland, OH, Denver, CO, Enola/Harrisburg, PA, Herndon, VA, Houston, TX, Indianapolis, IN, Irvine/Anaheim, CA, Kenner/New Orleans, LA, Littleton, CO, Long Island, NY, Mississauga/Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Montclair, NJ, North Wales/Montgomeryville, PA, Nashville, TN, Northbrook/Chicago, IL, Philadelphia/Cherry Hill, NJ, Raleigh, NC, Reading/Boston, MA, San Jose, CA, Somerset/Branchburg, NJ and Wilmington, DE. Barb Schwarz, Creator of Home Staging® and CEO of will teach the Accredited Home Staging Professional® Training Course personally in Bellevue, WA and Dallas, TX, as well as teach a Webinar 3-Day ASP® Staging Course. Following a two-day course, real estate agents will earn the ASP® Real Estate Agent Designation, and after a three-day course, students will earn the ASP® Home Stager Designation. During the second day of Staging training, students will go to a local home currently on the market which they will Stage® while being guided by professional ASP® Stagers. The Accredited Staging Professional® Home Staging Course was created by Barb Schwarz, the Creator of Home Staging®, President and CEO of and the International Association of Home Staging Professionals®. Barb developed the concept of Home Staging in the early 1970’s and has since educated more than one-million people on the subject. She is a nationally known and award-winning speaker, author and trainer. Professional Home Staging is the fastest growing new career opportunity in the real estate industry. Recommended by top real estate agents and as seen on television, Home Staging is professionally preparing homes for sale, so that they appeal to the most amount of buyers and generate the highest price in the least amount of time on market. In today’s market conditions, Staging sells homes. Home Staging is NOT decorating, fluffing, interior design or redesign! Instead, Home Staging is detailing, de-cluttering, depersonalizing and preparing a seller’s home to give it a “model home” appearance so that the potential buyer can “see” themselves living in the home. Statistics* gathered by shows that 94% of homes Staged by an Accredited Staging Professional® sell in 29 days or less, compared to an average of 145 days for homes that are not Staged. Homes Staged by Accredited Staging Professionals® stay on the market 83% less time than a home that has not been staged. The following in-class ASP® Home Staging courses are scheduled from August through December of 2011:
ASP® Stager and ASP® Real Estate Agent Courses Date
Indianapolis, IN August 2-4, 2011
Philadelphia/Cherry Hill, NJ August 9-11, 2011
Raleigh, NC August 9-11, 2011
Mississauga/Toronto, ON August 23-25, 2011
Nashville, TN August 23-25, 2011
Kenner/New Orleans, LA September 13-15, 2011
Long Island, NY September 13-15, 2011
San Jose, CA September 13-15, 2011
Enola/Harrisburg, PA September 19-21, 2011
Montclair, NJ September 20-22, 2011
Somerset/Branchburg, NJ September 27-29, 2011
North Wales/Montgomeryville, PA September 27-29, 2011
Denver, CO September 28-30, 2011
Houston, TX October 10-12, 2011
Cleveland, OH October 11-13, 2011
Albany/Latham, NY October 12-14, 2011
Irvine/Anaheim, CA October 18-20, 2011
Charlotte, NC October 25-27, 2011
Reading/Boston, MA October 25-27, 2011
Herndon, VA November 8-10, 2011
Northbrook/Chicago, IL November 9-11, 2011
Littleton, CO November 15-17, 2011
Austin/Round Rock, TX November 30-December 2, 2011
Wilmington, DE December 5-7, 2011
ASP® Staging Course Taught by Barb Schwarz Date
Bellevue, WA September 28-30, 2011
Dallas, TX October 26-28, 2011
Bellevue, WA December 7-9, 2011
During the month of August, 2011, will also offer the 3-Day ASP® Staging Course through webinar, personally taught by Barb Schwarz, Creator of Home Staging®
3-Day ASP® Online Home Staging Course Date
Webinar August 17 – 19, 2011
Please click here to view a video by Barb Schwarz: Why You Need to Be an ASP® Stager Please click here to view a video by Barb Schwarz : Become an ASP Real Estate Agent Now Please visit for a complete list of Home Staging courses. also offers online Staging® training. Please click here for more information about the online ASP® Accredited Staging Professional® Real Estate Agent Course.

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