Launches IAHSP Foundation Shopping Center and Auction Website


Huge Savings by Shopping Online All proceeds donated to the non-profit IAHSP Foundation!

Fundraising Has Never Been More Fun!!

Dear IAHSP Foundation members and supporters, Throughout the past years, your generosity has been overwhelming.  Your monetary contributions and time commitments are always appreciated.  The ultimate goal of the foundation is to provide as much monetary support as possible, to those in need. The slow-down of the housing markets has put a financial strain on many of our businesses, making it more difficult to give as generously as in the past. Recently the foundation was introduced to a fantastic, new marketing idea as a way to increase awareness to our cause and a means to generate a substantial and continuous revenue stream.  Even more important is you will not be asked for any additional out-of-pocket donations.  However, we absolutely need your support to build this funding source into a successful campaign. Effective immediately, we are launching an online shopping site as a partner of Dubli International.   Dubli’s generous revenue-sharing program is a win-win program for all of us.  In the near future you will begin to see Dubli’s advertising media on television, radio and in print.  Online shopping is growing exponentially and the potential for creating a substantial revenue stream is quite possible.


Becoming a member is free.  All we ask is for you to join via our foundation site, instead of going directly to Dubli.  The savings and benefits are exactly the same but becoming a member through the IAHSP Foundation will create a continuous revenue stream for the foundation.

Register NOW!!

Your support of the site will enhance awareness to all our businesses.  You will quickly learn how shopping in the on-line rewards mall and through the reverse-auctions will give you the very best shopping value of any other site on the Internet.  We also encourage you to share the site with all of your friends, family and business associates.  In this manner, we will obtain additional supporters for the foundation, (without any additional out of pocket cost) and at the same time, increase awareness about your association with IAHSP.

The holiday shopping season is a perfect time for you to begin using the site.   The site is 100% secure and merchandise purchased through the reverse-auctions is priced and guaranteed to be the lowest on the Internet. Respectfully, The Team and The IAHSP Board of Directors
Not Familiar with Reverse Auctions? It’s Easy and Fun!
tv cartoon We’ve created a short video tutorial that explains the reverse auction process and the difference between “unique bid” and “xpress” auctions.
Whsavings jackpoty?  Here are Just a Few Consumer Benefits…
  • Convenience – The IAHSP Foundation, shopping site has over 1,100 of the top merchants located in the Rewards Mall Shopping portal.
  • Rewards Points – Shoppers earn reward points, each worth one dollar, for all purchases through the Rewards Mall Shopping portal.  These reward points can be used the same as cash for other purchases or can be donated to a favorite charity.
  • Discount Shopping – The Rewards Mall Shopping portal contains a catalogue, listing thousands of discounted items.
  • Discount Restaurant Coupons – As much as 60% can be saved on restaurants throughout the country.  These are located in the Rewards Mall Shopping portal and are shown under the heading, Feature Benefits with the tab, Restaurant Certificates.  This is a favorite feature for individuals who dine-out regularly.
  • Instant Print Coupons – Coupons can be printed instantly for discounts at local grocery stores.
  • Gift Cards – Gift cards for most restaurants and merchants are available through the Rewards Mall Shopping portal.
  • Xpress Auctions – The Xpress auctions present an opportunity for individuals to purchase name-brand merchandise for a fraction of its original cost.
  • Unique Bid Auctions – An entertaining segment of the site where bargains of a lifetime can be found.
  • There is no other shopping site, on the Internet that provides better value, convenience and security as compared to the IAHSP Foundation site.  All shipping, customer service and payments for merchandise are handled 100% by Dubli.
Free Credits!
  • You must be registered for the Foundation to earn $$ for purchases.
  • The first time you purchase credits you will be given 5 free credits with your purchase of 10 credits.
  • Use the “Tell A Friend” link to share with others and the Foundation will receive $$ for their purchases.  When you use the “Tell A Friend” link and your friend purchases credits, you will, earn 5 more free credits.
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