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ERA Real Estate and have formed a wonderful relationship that we believe will give you an excellent opportunity for more ASP Staging business working with ERA real estate agents and sellers in their Gold Star Program. ERA Real Estate is very supportive of ASP Staging because they know the many benefits Staging provides their sellers, their agents and their offices.  They also understand the power and benefits of the ASP designation and they want their agents using ASP Stagers so that more of their listings will be ASP Staged and sold using the Gold Star Program. ERA has also asked Barb to be a featured speaker at their upcoming national convention in March of 2010 to speak about Staging, promote the Gold Star program and further their efforts in this area. Most important to you, ERA will support ASPs by creating and promoting the website .  It will be a place for all ERA agents and their sellers in the United States to go to and search for a participating ASP Stager to help them in their business and/or Stage a specific property. The only requirement for this program is that you agree to offer any ERA agent, or their Gold Star sellers who contact you, a 10% discount off of your fees.  It’s a very simple win-win scenario that should also help you secure future business from these ERA agents and sellers all across the United States.  Neither ERA nor are asking for any referral fees in this special program. This program is simply about helping sellers, ERA agents and you, the ASP Stager! If ysign up nowou would like to participate in the new ERA program you MUST sign up on the Staging University… * Go to the website and login to the Staging University. * Once you login, click on “ASP Edit Page” in the upper left hand corner. * Scroll down towards the bottom of the page and look for the button that says “Offer ERA Gold Star Program Discounts” and put a check mark in the box. * Make sure you scroll down to the bottom of the page and click UPDATE. That’s it.  You are signed up!  ERA will start promoting the site on December 1st. We hope you are excited about this business opportunity for you that ERA and has presented to you as an ASP Stager, and that you sign up, participate and make more money! It is our honor to support you in this way.  We are always working for you! Sincerely, Barb Schwarz and the team

ERA Real Estate Agent gives great testimony to Accredited Staging Professional! Click here.

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