Staging A Home for Sale: 7 Elements You Should Not Forget About

Staging A Home for Sale: 7 Elements You Should Not Forget About

Majority of people across the world have staged their homes at one time or another. Staging a home involves preparing a residence to sell it easily in the market. Staging a house entices buyers due to the fact that it has a ready look. In short, a staged home will be bought faster compared to a home that is not staged. For home owners, staging their home can be one of the most frustrating times in the process of selling a house. The seller must keep analyzing how the house market is performing while preparing their homes for sale. In the past few years, selling houses has been strategized to make it easier not only for the seller but also the buyer. Those preparing to stage their home have a great advantage because they now know how to appeal to most buyers. Staging your home is one of the most crucial aspects of selling a house. While a number of people might think that staging a home does not pay back in spades, it has been proven that people who stage their homes help buyers visualize better the aspects they want in a home. Staging is all about changing the appearance and ambiance of house thus making it buyable. Staging your house has several advantages. TopReviewStars shows that for every $100 the seller invests in staging, he or she is likely to receive a $400 return. Home staging reduces leasing time by a third to a half. What should you consider when staging your home? Here are seven crucial elements.

1.      Depersonalize

Depersonalizing your home is the first element on our list. Depersonalizing a home is not as easy as most people think however, the cost is very cheap or even free at times. Depersonalizing involves removing your personal items from the walls, furniture and surfaces. According to topresume, you should remove toothbrushes, family pictures, soap bars, towels and pet bowls. Decorative objects such as artwork can be displayed sparingly. Keep in mind that it’s your house being sold. Therefore, you should consider highlighting the major aspects of your house such as the walls and surfaces instead of placing things on them. Depersonalization is one of the most effective ways of staging a house because it allows potential buyers to imagine themselves residing in the house.

2.      Declutter

When staging a home, it is best to declutter. Decluttering involves reducing the amount of objects that the buyer will see when viewing your house. It is best to remove most objects the walls, desks, tables and other surfaces. Decreasing the amount of books from your shelves and hiding your children’s toys is one of the best ways to declutter your house. Failing to declutter your house will lead to distractions when buyers visit. This is because they’ll take the buyer’s focus away from the thought of buying the house into your belongings. The best time to start decluttering your home is when the staging period begins. You should start packing the objects you don’t use frequently as early as you can. By doing this, you’ll be more than ready to move out when the time comes.  The cost of decluttering is very low.

3.      Update your property

As resumewriters report, home staging can be quite expensive if you haven’t made any renovations since you moved into your house. At times, painting the walls can be enough to change the appearance and ambiance. If you decide to paint, consider light and neutral colors like beige, white or grey. If painting isn’t enough, you will be required to make additional renovations. For example, you can update the pillows, blinds and the floor. You can also change the handles. You should always seek the advice of a professional decorator before renovating your home.

4.      Clean your home

It’s pretty obvious that you should clean your home before buyers start visiting. You should eliminate dust, pet odor, humidity and mold to avoid ruining the opportunity to sell your home. No one wants to buy or live in a dirty home. A report by aussiessay shows that you should always use the best cleaning products. The cleaning products should not have a strong smell as this could intimidate your visitors. If your cleaning products have a strong smell, you should consider cleaning your home in advance. It’s also important to ventilate your home as much as possible. You should be careful with air fresheners. Keep your home smelling good in a simple way. The cost of cleaning your home is quite low.

5.      Position furniture according to room space

When a buyer visits your home for the first time, he or she expects to see furniture placed in the appropriate places or rooms. Dinner tables should be well positioned in the dining room. You should always position your furniture in a way that makes the room look bigger. This also means you should go for small furniture whenever possible. You should also consider placing furniture in the middle of the room make it look cozy. You’ll have to move your furniture from time to time until you get the best position. When in doubt, seek the advice of a real estate agent.

6.      Create ambiance

This step might require the aid of a professional. A professional will help you create harmony in all the rooms. And this will increase the chances of your house being sold. A professional will help you choose the best accessories for your décor and create other focal points in your home apart from furniture. Other focal points may include a fireplace, windows or woodwork.

7.      Install furniture and accessories

At times, you might find yourself trying to sell an empty house. However, a furnished house enables potential employers to imagine themselves living there. You can consider renting furniture and a variety of accessories for you to sell your home easily. A local retailer or a real estate agent can help you out on this.


When selling a home, it’s always important to put yourself on the buyer’s shoes. Don’t hesitate seeking help from professionals and loved ones. With the seven steps discussed above, you’ll have an easy time selling your home.

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