The Stories behind my Staging Sayings – Part Two

For nearly forty years I’ve shared my knowledge of Home Staging through presentations across the country, and through the Accredited Staging Professional and Masters Courses. During those years I’ve developed many sayings in order to effectively communicate the benefits of Home Staging to real estate professionals, sellers and of course Home Stagers. In the following series I thought I would share what was behind each of these sayings. Barb Barb Schwarz, The Creator of Home Staging® Founder/CEO® Founder/Chairwoman of The International Association of Home Staging Professionals®

I came up with this Staging Saying when I first saw PacMan. Remember that computer game? The little PacMan eating things made me think of a seller’s equity being eaten when the house is cluttered and doesn’t sell. It is true, Get rid of the clutter! I have seen that from the day I invented Home Staging 40 years ago.

I invented Home Staging because people did not want to decorate their house to sell, nor should they. They are selling it so why personalize it now? The key is to de-personalize it, to set the scenes in each room and set the Stage! That is the basis of how I invented Home Staging from my theater background 40 years ago.

People forget that we are selling their house, not their things. They want to keep their precious things out while their house is on the market. But that does not work! Because people look at their things, instead of their house! So I wrote this of my Staging Sayings to remind them of that fact!

Smells are not good in a house when a seller wants to sell it. People are very sensitive to all kinds of smells these days. Get rid of the smell, Stage it and it will sell! I came up with my Staging saying on this when I Staged a house that had 40, that is right 40, poodles living in it. The poodles were moved to a kennel of a friend of the sellers. Then I got rid of the smell with an odor eliminator, Staged it and it sold!

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