Top Ten Reasons for Earning the ASPM® Designation This Year

Take your business to the next level on a much faster pace than you would ever have imagined! Here are the top ten reasons you should consider earning the ASPM® designation in 2011: 1. The Power of Networking During the ASPM® program you’ll meet other ASPs who have built successful Home Staging businesses. An invaluable part of the days you are attending the program is hearing from others what they’ve done to grow their businesses. 2. Bids to Consultation – Practice Makes Perfect Are your Bids and Consultations the best they can be? You will work as a team with other attendees to present a Bid and a Consultation. You’ll work on two real houses to learn, perfect and grow your techniques and then present to the class. 3. Q&A with the Creator of Staging As an ASP® you’ve probably had experiences where you’ve wanted to ask “What would Barb say or do?” You will have lots of one-on-one time with Barb for 5 full days and have lots of opportunities to ask her all those questions you’ve been wanting to find the answers to. 4. Effective Marketing Strategies Learn from Barb and other successful Stagers how you can effectively market your Home Staging business. You’ll learn successful marketing ideas and techniques you’ll be able to immediately employ in your business. 5. Tips and Techniques Specific to Vacant Properties Vacant properties require a different approach from lived-in homes, and Barb will show you how to best prepare bids and consultations for a vacant property. 6. Role-Play to Sharpen Your Presentation Technique All successful Stagers give powerful presentations. Barb will give you proven ideas, tips and information to teach you how to give a GREAT presentation. This experience will prove invaluable as you develop excellent presentation and communications skills during the week. You will give a 5 minute presentation during the Masters course that will be critiqued by Barb and filmed for your review and education…a truly empowering experience! 7. Creative Staging Ideas Let Barb show you how you can stand out in your local marketplace – learn new Staging techniques from the master! The ASPM® continues where the ASP® course ended, providing you with proven Staging ideas that will make your projects stand out. 8. Build Your ASP Business Faster Are you making the most of every day? The ASPM® program is designed to help you speed up the process to become a more successful Home Stager. By learning how to administratively run your business with a business plan you’ll be a much more effective business owner once you graduate with the ASPM® designation. 9. Learn to Shop for Less You’ve probably come across how challenging it can be to find inexpensive yet effective merchandise for your Staging projects. Not only will the ASPM® class teach you how to make money; it will show you how you can save money too! 10. Additional ASPM Tools and Resources In addition to what you received when you graduated from your ASP® Course, you will receive the following materials once you complete the ASPM® Course: • The ASPM® Masters Designation • A Detailed ASPM® Stager Course Manual and ASPM® supplemental materials • ASPM® Lapel Pin and ASPM® Certificate of Graduation • Unlimited ASPM® Refresher Courses as an active ASPM® member for a nominal fee • A special 9 page ASPM® Featured Page • ASP® Stager CAREERbook® • ASP® Stager Marketing Portfolio • How to Price Your Home to Sell for Top Dollar! DVD • How to Stage Your Home to Sell for Top Dollar! DVD • Barb’s Book: “Staging to Sell: The Secret to Selling Homes in a Down Market!” • Barb’s Book: “Building a Successful Home Staging Business” • $100 cash for a shopping trip with Barb to Stage your custom room project The Masters Course is named the ‘Masters’ because you will learn from the Master of Home Staging, Barb Schwarz. Barb is recognized around the world as The Creator of Home Staging, which she invented in the early 1970’s. You will benefit greatly from her 35+ years experience of Staging as well as her successful business model of how to run your ASP® Home Staging business. Barb has Staged more homes than anyone else in the world. Therefore, as The Creator of Home Staging, as a Real Estate Broker, and as a nationally award winning speaker who has taught more than 18,000 hours from the platform, you will have an incredibly productive week.

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What Recently Graduated ASPM®s Say Good Morning to ALL of my new ASPM® Family! I can’t stop thinking about the amazing time we spent together learning, laughing and rubbing our sleepy eyes! Barb – thank you for a wonderful week. Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge with us, and for providing the training manuals that are filled with immeasurable information to help our success in the field. I am filled with emotions as I am excited about all the possibilities as well as the many tasks I have to accomplish to get my new business off to the right start. Thank you to all of my classmates who shared helpful hints from your staging experiences. I look forward to knowing that if I am ‘stuck’ for a creative idea, or need help in any way … you are all just an email or phone call away! AWESOME!!! Can life get any better! Romy Godwin ASP®, ASPM®, IAHSP® Dear Barb, Thank You!!! Thank you for offering such an amazing course. I am so happy that I took the ASPM® course for what I have learned is life changing for me. I thank you for everything you taught. I thank you for your beautiful words, for they reflect the beauty that you are and what is inside. You inspire me in so many ways, as a business woman, as a woman, and as a human being. Thank you for all the gifts and treats and for the graduation celebration. I will cherish the memories of our week together. Thank you. Love, Julia Horner ASPM®, IAHSP® “Whew, what a week we had during our ASPM® course! I was an ASP® that had not started my business and came with the desire of furthering my education for staging. My husband is a career military man and when he retires I plan to start my business. The ASPM® course was so good that I came home and have thoughts of starting it early and then when we move just move my business. The class was a full week as promised! I feel fully equipped to start my business. The class gives confidence in many areas; public speaking, cold calls, bids, consultations and of course gives you a team to lean on should you have any questions and need to call for help/thoughts/suggestions. The education you receive from Barb that’s not in the training manual was priceless. Our class was honored to get constructive suggestions from Barb. This education is priceless. Yes, we had many hours in class and working on homework, hours well spent toward our businesses. We had nine staying in one home and would I highly recommend this to others. The atmosphere was relaxed and we had time to work on homework together. The house mates had opportunity to bond even more by spending 24 hours a day together. We had a kitchen to have that midnight snack to help you make it thru the late hours of homework. The Club in the Country was a wonderful place to hold class. The food was wonderful and the staff was very friendly. I would agree that it is a life changing experience. I would consider myself a fairly positive person, but I would have to agree Barb takes it to whole new level and I returned a better person by just knowing her. I am blessed to have the opportunity to not only meet Barb, but 13 others that are now part of my family.” Blessed, LaVonda Sullivan ASP®, IAHSP®, ASPM® “As an interior designer I have worked for many different companies since my studies. When I decided to start my own business, I wondered what kind of services I wanted to offer to my clients and how I can be different from the other designers in my district. We started to speak about Home Staging 3 years ago in Belgium. I was really interested by this great concept, but that was not enough for me…I wanted more! That’s why I registered for the ASPM® course. I feel blessed to have the chance to have met and learn with Barb who was so impressive and so stimulating. And now I have the feeling that I hold all the cards to go further and higher in my business with my new ASPM® family. Yolande Pauwels Interior Design ASP®, ASPM The next date is set for the 5 Day ASPM® Masters Course taught by Barb Schwarz. We would love to have you join us for the week of October 10th – 14th of this year on Whidbey Island, WA (Seattle)!

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